Safi launched BuzzFeed Australia Video in 2015 before the company relocated them to the Hollywood Studios. In LA, they co-created Bring Me and produced/hosted videos for their news and entertainment channels that were viewed between up to 50 million times. Safi started their own viral series Obsessed and starred in some of the most shared and viewed BuzzFeed videos, representing queer Arab non binary people on screen. Here, Safi created content that explored LGBT+ homelessness in LA, refugee-run restaurants in Toronto and interviewed people like Baby Spice and David Hasselhoff. Long story short, there was never a dull moment.

Generations Through History

Directed by Eugene Lee Yang, starring Quinta Brunson, Tania Safi, Jazzmyne Jay, Curly Velasquez and more.

Obsessed: I Spent 24 Hours With 1000 Cats

My first word was "cat". But what is it like having 1000, and how did The Cat House on the King get to this point?

Obsessed: I Spent 24 Hours in a BDSM Dungeon

Exploring the fears and prejudice around BDSM and sex work, Safi went to actually experience a BDSM dungeon first hand, run by none other than Mistress Damiana Chi.

Polar Opposites Handcuffed for 24 Hours

How long will they last?

Taboo? What's That?

You can't ask that... but we'll let you.

If Lebanese People Said The Stuff White Australians Say

Don't be that guy.

Who Did It In The Shower?

Scripted content for BuzzFeed Entertainment.

The Trailer That Provides Free Haircuts for Homeless LGBT+ People

Tan Safi was granted access to Project Q by Madin, the trailer that provides a service and community to some of LA's most vulnerable.

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