I'm an award-winning writer, creative director and content producer who has had the privilege of working alongside legends like Idris Elba and Barkaa to producing my own documentary series featuring SWANA based change-makers.

As is the nature of the beast, I learned how to swim in the digital-industry quickly, often writing, shooting, producing, directing, editing and sometimes even hosting video content for The Chaser, BuzzFeed, SBS, ABC, Shootsta, Happy Studios, GetUp and more.

With over a decade of experience in this field, I've had the honor of conducting training sessions for individuals, corporations and advocacy campaigns, imparting valuable insights on effective content and social media strategies. My TEDx talk, a compelling presentation at MadFest, and an invitation to address global leaders at the United Nations' 8th Global Forum underscore my commitment to championing the transformative power of responsible media.

I'm also a contributor to the world-first anthology, 'This Arab Is Queer'.

"She’s also one of the media giant’s most vocal, queer, feminist and Arab voices and everyday, she gets DMs from young people around the world, telling her how she makes them feel more like themselves."

- Jerico Mandybur

Girlboss Editorial Director

"Tania Safi quickly rose to international fame as a video producer forBuzzFeed, but you might not know that she was Sydney’s best filmmakerof 2012 and won an international film festival hosted by theUnited Nations. Her films have been screened around the world, includingthe U.S, Spain and Germany." 

- Amanda Van Slyke

Flurt Magazine Editor in Chief 


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'Arab-Australian journalist and producer Tan Safi found story telling through their experience living in Tripoli, Lebanon when war broke out in their early 20s. “You hear so many stories, you know? It hurts to hear but to live through it or to see it through someone else’s perspective is such a strong way of building empathy and understanding.”Tan’s career has led them to produce 'Shway, Shway' highlighting change-makers, NGOs and individuals, “... who are doing something with close to nothing in Lebanon because it’s stories like that we never heard about.” With just a few pieces of gear, camera and a lapel mic, Tan shares stories that will capture your heart.'

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